Thursday, November 4, 2010

"All About Me"

Did anyone else have the "All About Me" book by Dr. Seusse growing up?  I got mine when I was seven.  When I starting thinking about what I'd write to introduce myself to you, it came to mind. Lucky for you, I am not going to use "All About Me" as a format because then you would only learn such things as how tall I am, whether I have brown or blonde hair, my shoe size and if I am right or left handed...
(Real valuable stuff, huh?)

So, here is my adult version of "All About Me." 
General: By now you've likely figured out that my name is Leslie. I am a 30-something, loving wife, mother of two "cat-kids", oldest of three sisters, daughter of wonderful parents, Aunt of one awesome little-boy and one gorgeous baby girl, a loyal friend, and take pride in striving to be a "generous and helpful" person at all times. 
Career: Having enjoyed a 12-year career in special event sales, planning and management, and realizing that I was ready for a new challenge, I recently made an industry change into a field that I have always been passionate about, Home Organizational Design.  I now greatly enjoy working with my clients on designing home storage solutions for everything from master closets, home offices, pantries and play rooms to garages, wine cellars and entertainment centers.
Hobbies:  Having always had a creative, artistic side, I have a great passion for my home and enjoy putting the time and energy into making it the best it can be with the resources I have at my disposal.  I enjoy many DIY home improvement and decor projects, dabbling in photography (and thank goodness for digital photography because it sometimes takes a lot of shots for me to get it just right),  playing guitar (poorly) and singing along with myself (better) and I am working on teaching myself to sew.  I also enjoy working out, reading, cooking, antiquing, entertaining, stationery and Holidays - all of them, but Christmas most.

I am giving some thought as to a weekly post that will allow us to get to know a little about each other moving forward. I think maybe a good place to start would be some of those "1000 Conversation Starter" cube questions. I'll keep thinking about it and if anyone has any ideas, I'm all Ears.
(Average Size, Not Pointed, Disconnected Lobed Ears - just in case you were wondering...)

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